The IMPACT community consists of Data Providers, Data Hosts, Cyber Security Researchers as well as the IMPACT Coordinating Center. Data Providers consists of the set of participants that contribute one or more datasets to be shared. Data Hosts are responsible for the long-term archival of datasets that have been generated by the Data Providers and providing access to these datasets to approved researchers. The Cyber Security Research Community consists of the various academic and non- academic research efforts that can benefit from access to high quality datasets.

IMPACT offers a unique, distributed research data repository supported by a streamlined legal framework and centralized coordination of a controlled distribution of datasets. This centralized brokering and distributed provisioning between the data providers, data hosts and researchers addresses the operational, trust and administrative costs and challenges that impede sustainable and scalable data sharing. In addition, IMPACT leverages an External Relations Council (IERC) for a dvice on issues relating to general direction, operation, and scope of the IMPACT project.

IMPACT continually adds new data that is responsive to cyber risk management (e.g., attacks and measurements) to provide the R&D community timely, high-value information to enhance research innovation and quality. The IMPACT model also serves as a laboratory for testing various data sharing models, including batch transfers, newer data-as-a-service (DaaS), and visualization techniques.