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Normal State and Failure-Mode Simulation of Philips Network Medical Devices
Massachusetts General Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital
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Address Space Status Data
network data, address space status data


Normal state and failure mode data capture for Philips network medical devices.

Normal state and failure mode data capture for Philips network devices.

Static IP addresses were set for a Philips central station as well as two patient monitors. Communication was established between the central station and the two monitoring systems via network communication to the Philips central station software. Two patient simulators were connected to the two patient monitors to simulate data while it is being captured.
Device and Simulator Models: Patient monitoring device, Philips MP70 and Fluke Patient simulator device, Pro 8
Network Setup:
Device Names and IP Addresses
Ubuntu VM (Attacker):
Philips Central Station:
Philips Monitor 1:
Philips Monitor 2:

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