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Infusion pump Control via OpenICE FROA App - Normal and Non-Normal State Data
Massachusetts General Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital
53 (lowest rank is 53)

Category & Restrictions

Infrastructure Data
network data


Infusion pump Control via OpenICE FROA App - Normal and Non-Normal State Data

OpenIce FROA app with physical infusion pump
Data captured from the loopback interface
The data contains all openice communications

Log of steps taken for data recording:
start openice
start pump at 1 (via pump UI)
start openice pump interface
start controllable bp monitor app
start closed-loop control app
initial bp is 120/80
app sets pump rate to 100
bp down to 91/51 over 30 seconds
approx 45 seconds later, pump speed is increased to 125
approximately 60 seconds later, capture is stopped

Additional Details

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